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Activator Rehab Walking Poles by Urban Poling
Activator Rehab Walking Poles by Urban Poling

Activator Rehab Walking Poles by Urban Poling

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Premium-quality Nordic walking poles with patented, CoreGrip ergonomic hand grips and bell-tips for rehab, exercise and walking without wrist strain.
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The Activator Rehab Walking Poles by Urban Poling are walking poles designed by an occupational therapist and gerontologist specifically for rehab. The CoreGrip ergonomic handgrips, large bell tips, and unique patented design features enhance strengthening, stability, and off-loading for increased safety.

The Activator Rehab Walking Poles are recommended by leading surgeons, physicians, and therapists because of the unique patented design features that enhance strengthening and stability. Designed for balance and taking more pressure off the back and lower joints, these walking poles are beneficial for rehabilitation programs, older adults, pre or post-hip knee surgery, soft tissue injuries, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehab, and spinal conditions. The new ergonomic core grip hand grips are patented and designed to improve core strengthening while providing greater comfort and supporting the wrist in a neutral position to reduce strain. Instead of a wrist strap, the grip features a wide ledge for a more comfortable grip. Instead of the smaller boot-shaped tips, the large bell-shaped tips provide greater stability. Hidden beneath the rubber boot tip of each pole is a sharp carbide steel tip, which provides increased stability on wet and uneven terrain, such as grass, trails, gravel, sand, and snow. The rubber bell-shaped tips can be used indoors on dry sidewalks and asphalt. To expose the carbide steel tip, remove the bell-shaped tip. The poles telescope from 4 to 6 feet long and are collapsible for storage and travel. Activator Rehab Walking Poles by Urban Poling are designed by a therapist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions.

Urban Poling Activator Rehab Walking Poles Instructions

Activator Rehab Walking Poles Specifications:

  • Includes: One Pair.
  • Use: Indoors as well as outdoors in all seasons.
  • Tip: Carbide Steel.
  • Length: Telescoping 4 to 6 feet long.
  • Material: High-grade aluminum.
  • Color: Silver with red & iron grey design.
  • Size: Adjustable length walker’s height 4 feet 2 inches to 6 feet tall.
  • Max user weight: 250 lbs. 200 lbs of weight bearing capacity per pole.
  • Collapsed length: 29 inches.
  • Pole sections: 2.
  • Weight of each pair: 1.44 lbs.
  • Made in: Canada.

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